I'm Katt, a product designer who loves to create digital experiences. I firmly believe that design must be engaging, humanistic and aligned with technological trends and business goals.
I'm passionate about learning about other cultures, and enriching my creative world in the process. That is why after finishing my bachelor's degree in industrial design in Bogotá, I lived for a little over two years in Italy. There I did my master's degree in Communication Design at the Politecnico di Milano. I currently live in Munich, where I work as a UX/UI designer.

In my free time I like to learn languages (I speak Spanish, English and Italian), and I'm currently learning German. 🇩🇪
I also love to visually explore compositions, colors, and concepts. One of the ways in which I do it is through photography. (click on the link if you want to see my amateur VSCO account). 
Product Design / UX/UI
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